“Mid-Fi DLXPP” Modification (Deluxe Pitch Pirate – Delay Modulation-filter-echo-tremolo-pitch shifter)


Deluxe Pitch Pirate ( MidFi DLXPP ) adds a delay circuit to the existing Pitch Pirate, which is a chorus/vibrato pedal in essence, but it has the ability to modulate over an octave, as well as having control over the waveform of the modulator, making it capable of everything from a slight wobble, to octave up/down square wave bleeps and bloops.

Category : Delay
Casing     : Plastic / Alumium Foil, Shielding
Switch     : Plastic, True Bypass
Knobs      : Fulltone Style, Davies 1510 Clone knob-Yellow
Power      : Negative Center 9vDc
Others     : Led Indicator, Safety Fuse, Standard Quality 100% new,

Please Check short Video demo for reference….


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